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A Kunming Photo Gallery

  • March 21, 2012

Today, just a few photos which summarize, at least to some extent, the limitless contrasts of this part of the world.

The Good

And then, there’s this…

Garbage on the old campus of Yunnan Arts University

But there’s also this…

The Beautiful

And, lest you believe everything you read about environmental carnage in China, this is one of thousands of light standards along both sides of the multi-lane highway connecting Kunming and Chenggong, where the new university campus is located. Each standard is equipped with 2 solar panels and a wind turbine.

No coal or nuclear fuel powering these light standards

And, at the market, there are always some helpful hints as to what kind of critter you might be thinking of roasting for dinner…

You know it ain't pork!

And, if you don’t feel like cooking, there’s this wonderful spot, literally no more than 1 minute from our place. Primitive space, excellent food, low prices…

Heavenly Manna

And of course, there’s music here…

Old man playing the erhu

All kinds of music…

Large Pop Music Division at Yunnan Arts University

You name it, Kunming’s got it!

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